A Future of Food That Looks to the Past

Opening your brand new, envied-by-all-your-friends collectible Star Trek lunchbox on the first day of school to find a perfectly assembled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Pulling over at the nearest small town gas station after a long night of endless freeway miles to find that instantly recognizable, ready-to-drink coffee to power you through the next stretch.

Unwrapping a bar of perfectly balanced milk chocolate, both creamy and rich at the same time.

We might not remember exactly where or when we enjoyed these timeless moments, but one thing is for sure: the feeling we got from them has stayed with us. Good food is more than just how it tastes the instant we consume it: it's a culmination of our atmosphere, our company, and the emotions we associate with it.

Try it yourself: Close your eyes and think back to your favorite meal you've ever had. For some, it was fine dining through an eight course meal at a Michelin-star restaurant after ten months on the waiting list. For others, it's huddled around the same, weathered dining table you've gathered around for the past 15 years, taking turns recounting the day's happenings while enjoying Mom's famous homemade casserole. While worlds apart, these two experiences share one thing in common. They bring us to the place we all want to go when we sit down for a meal: bliss.

However, in recent years, it's become increasingly unknown whether or not these defining interactions with food will be able to withstand the test of time. Many of our favorite food and drink - from chocolate to coffee and beyond - face a myriad of threats thanks to climate and supply chain issues. At best, prices of foods like chocolate could continue to climb but at worst, our favorite sweet treat could be gone forever. That's where we come in.

For us at Voyage Foods, it's just as important to safeguard the future of food while maintaining flavors and experiences we know and love. While we're using cutting-edge food science and technology, the core idea behind our process is simple: reverse-engineer the most beloved foods in a way that mitigates environmental, social, and health-related harms while preserving recognizably classic flavors and experiences. This includes peanut butter, chocolate, and coffee - some of our most cherished food and drink - with a twist. We've created peanut-free peanut butter for those who for far too long have missed out on that classic, creamy spread; cacao-free chocolate to relieve pressures on our environment by offering a rich, milky alternative (did we mention it's vegan?); and bean-free coffee targeting the like.

But we know there will be skeptics. Seemingly day after day, a wave of new, futuristic food companies crash onto the scene, promising immense environmental and social benefits thanks to revolutionary new technology. And don’t get us wrong: we wholeheartedly commend those seeking to improve our food system, both for the planet and its inhabitants. But we also know that enjoying good food is equal parts trying new things and savoring old classics. Which is why we aren’t just working to create a food system that will last into the future, but one in which we can honor the past by continuing to enjoy the food and drink we grew up with, that created timeless memories, and that we can carry with us for years to come. Will you join us?

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