Developing Future-Proofed Foods is a Team Effort

Our mission here at Voyage Foods — to fundamentally change how we eat and think about the foods we love — is no small undertaking. We’re not out to create the newest trendy alternative spread that costs an arm and a leg or any other artisanal, high-dollar products for that matter. We’re creating real, delicious food that can be enjoyed by everyone. And with an audience that large, it takes a dedicated team to make it happen.

Not your average R&D team

When it comes to crafting our future-proofed foods, at the core we have our (small but mighty) team of dedicated scientists and developers. And while our mission may be simple, it’s anything but easy to achieve. Creating the iconic tastes and textures of peanut butter, chocolate, and coffee without peanuts, cocoa beans, or coffee beans, respectively, is the penultimate challenge for any food scientist — as our R&D team can surely attest to. 

Luckily, our scientists aren’t just up for the challenge — they thrive in it. Just take it from Senior Scientist Brandon Head. “My typical day is spent experimenting with different arrays of ingredients to produce our classic comfort foods with a new spin. I work alongside a collaborative and intelligent team who combine scientific discovery with culinary techniques. We research, test, cook, and taste everyday,” says Brandon. 

Not only in their passion for recreating our favorite foods, our team of scientists and developers are unique in how they go about crafting them. Unlike most modern food tech companies, our approach to creating revolutionary new products combines past and future, culinary artistry with innovative technology. Our foods are not wholly science experiments conducted in a lab. They are created, tested, and tasted by real people with a passion for great food so we can be sure we bring only our best to the table.

P.S. Creating future-proofed foods goes beyond the lab

While our products are primarily developed by our team of talented food scientists, they’re not the only ones who help to get the best possible products on shelves. From finance to marketing and everything in between, every member of our team plays a role in helping to fine-tune our recipes and formulations to bring you the best tasting foods. What does that look like? Regular group tastings where the entire team comes together to put their tasting skills to the test.

Test test test test test  Test test test test test  Test test test test test

While our R&D-conducted taste tests may not look quite like this ☝️(no blindfolds here) they are a way for our scientists to gather valuable insight into nuances in flavor, texture, and overall eating experience of our products. Simply put, we’re creating food that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. And food that is created for real people ought to be developed and tested by real people. For consumers, that translates into deliciously future-proofed foods that taste so good, you’d hardly know they were replacements of their traditional counterparts. And for Team Voyage? It just means we get to enjoy more delicious food at work everyday. Not bad if you ask us. 

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