Foodie Feature: Ammon Tanomrat

Ammon Tanomrat

Title: Lab Manager

What I Do at Voyage: I am in charge of building our laboratory and making sure all the proper systems are in place for a safe and optimal workplace. This includes things like designing blueprints, setting up lab benches, purchasing, document writing, training, and everything in between! Additionally I compound flavors for our food products, stock up on snacks for the office, and ship out samples.

What a Typical Day at Work Looks Like For Me: A typical day doesn’t really exist for me here at Voyage, but a typical week could include things like working with vendors to learn about lab instrumentation, gathering quotes for major purchases, reorganizing/setting up the lab furniture or equipment, updating inventory, purchasing consumables for the R&D team, writing SOPs, evaluating products, dropping off packages, compounding flavors, and of course, bonding with the team over good food and many laughs!

My Favorite Part of Working at Voyage: Coming into work everyday knowing that everyone I work with is just as motivated as I am and will put in 100% effort to succeed not only in their own role, but for the company as a whole.

The Moment I Knew We Were on to Something Special: During my first week starting at the company, the R&D team did a comparative tasting of our biggest competitors to the Peanut-Free Spread. I remembered that none of the spreads we tried even remotely resembled classic peanut butter, but ours sure did!

Product(s) I’m Most Excited About: Definitely chocolate. Although I don’t eat it too often, I know how big of an impact a product like this will make in the future.

My Most Controversial/Unique Food Opinion: Pairing white wine with steak. It is common for most people to think that only red wine will pair well with steak or red meat, but nothing beats a full bodied, acidic white wine with a fatty steak!

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