Foodie Feature: Annie Schonberger

Annie Schonberger

Title: Business Development & Impact Strategy Intern

What I Do at Voyage: This summer I’m helping the Business Development team grow our sales pipeline, research new opportunities, and begin to outline an impact strategy for Voyage Foods to bolster the incredible work that’s already begun aimed at improving our food systems. I hope to work across all teams and help out with marketing and commercialization as well — and do a little taste testing 😊

My Most Memorable Moment at Voyage So Far: I met my first food scientists ever! Learning more about how Voyage is up-cycling and reverse engineering foods to create NEW versions the world has never seen before is just so cool, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

What I’m Most Excited For: Just to meet and learn from this amazingly brilliant team every day.

Why I Joined Voyage: The mission of Voyage was the immediate draw for me. The vision this team has, and the scale of the problem Voyage is tackling is so impressive and hard to not want to be a part of. I knew I made the right choice almost immediately after meeting the rest of the team.

Product(s) I’m Most Excited About: Honestly all of them! But as someone with quite a few food allergies, I am really excited to see what the Peanut-Free Spread is going to do for the allergen-free community — including one of my close friends who has a terrible peanut allergy. Can’t wait to introduce her to Voyage products!

My Career Background: My background is a bit eclectic! I’ve worked as an experiential marketer and non-profit foundation partnership manager, but most recently as a product manager in fintech focused on closing the gender investment gap by building inclusive digital investment tools. Currently I am a graduate student at NYU’s Social Innovation and Investment program — and am personally focusing on sustainable and resilient food systems.

Fun Fact About Me: I get mistaken for Meghan Trainor surprisingly often.

My Most Controversial/Unique Food Opinion: Truffle smells and tastes like armpit.

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