Foodie Feature: Douglas Gearhart

Douglas Gearhart

Title: R&D Laboratory Technician

What I Do at Voyage: My role finds me compounding natural flavors for R&D and production use one day and building shelves the next. My job is to assist in making sure every instrument and ingredient is available and safe to use and pursue projects that will facilitate the quality and expand the capacity of the work performed in the R&D lab.

What’s Been Most Exciting at Voyage So Far: Besides the incredible behind the scenes creative food ideas for future releases, I am so excited to continue welcoming in new team members. We are growing and it’s delightful to see so many passionate and smiling faces join Voyage. 

Why I Joined Voyage: The mission of Voyage to be innovative in finding solutions to sustainability in the food industry definitely attracted me. I am a huge advocate of working towards a circular economy and up-cycling waste products, like we do here at Voyage, is an invaluable step in the right direction.

Which Voyage Product Excites Me Most: I am super excited for the Cacao-Free Chocolate! Chocolate is such a versatile and incredible food that has so much potential in so many unique applications.

My Career Background Before Joining Voyage: Before joining Voyage Foods, I had just completed my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Materials Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. My whole life I had worked on the family farm where my passion and curiosity for food and its ingredients was born.

My Most Controversial Food Preference: For some cereal, I let it sit in the bowl with milk until it’s cream-of-wheat-level soggy.

Fun Fact About Myself: I learned to juggle because of a text misunderstanding!

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