Foodie Feature: Jessica Mazariego

Jessica Mazariego

Title: Quality Systems Specialist

What I Do at Voyage: I help in the implementation and continuous improvement of all the food safety and quality programs by monitoring, reviewing, and verifying the effectiveness of the quality systems and also assisting in developing and updating the quality systems documentation.

My Most Memorable Moment at Voyage So Far: Being there to run our first jar of Peanut-Free Spread off the line was pretty exciting –– it was great to see everything come together into an end result.

What I’m Most Excited For: I’m excited to see us launch all of our products and see the public enjoy them!

Why I Joined Voyage: I wanted to be part of a team where we all believe that there are foods with an uncertain future –– whether with food allergies, climate change, humanitarian issues, or other major problems we face –– that we are able to future-proof so we can enjoy them forever.

My Career Background: I worked in the beverage industry the last six years and started off with specialty coffee. It was really cool to learn about the different stages and help to make the perfectly dialed in cup of coffee. But I also did microbiology quality testing for alcoholic beverages for a little while.

Product(s) I’m Most Excited About: The Cacao-Free Chocolate!

Fun Fact About Me: I know 45/46 songs on the Hamilton soundtrack. 

My Most Controversial/Unique Food Opinion: I love the combo of french fries dipped into ice cream –– it’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet but also mixing the heat of fresh fries with the coldness of the ice cream is 💯.

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