Foodie Feature: Kelsey Tenney

Kelsey Tenney

Title: Head of Operations

What I Do at Voyage: I manage the commercialization aspects of our products and ensure we are prepared for whatever gets thrown our way!

What a Typical Day at Work Looks Like For Me: Every day is different. I try to get emails out in the 30–60 minutes before everyone else gets in to the office. Then I have various meetings with the OPS team to align on project readiness for launch (for a couple of our upcoming products!). And, of course, there will always be moments of the day out on the production floor where we are problem solving equipment, line setup, etc. Never a dull moment!

My Favorite Part of Working at Voyage: I love working on new, exciting products that have been attempted but never accomplished. Research teams at countless companies have been trying to replicate chocolate, coffee, and peanut flavors, let alone the real deal, and they’ve never been able to get close. That is truly exciting to me. Whatever part I can play in steering Voyage to getting these products into the hands of everyday people, I am driven by that ultimate goal.


The Moment I Knew We Were on to Something Special: I knew that Voyage was really special a couple of years ago when I was working on the chocolate with Adam (the now CEO) and we tasted product that came off of an industrial piece of equipment for the first time. We made eye contact and knew that this lab project was really chocolate. Not just a fun side project. It was really chocolate!

Product(s) I’m Most Excited About: Chocolate. Hands down. My career thus far has been primarily in chocolate and confections, and chocolate holds a special place in my heart.

My Most Controversial/Unique Food Opinion: I love pineapple on pizza. And peas in guacamole. Commence the twitter rants.

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