Foodie Feature: Meaghan Sugrue

Meaghan Sugrue

Title: Senior Food Scientist

What I Do at Voyage: All things nut-free spreads! I am currently setting up our factory equipment, along with our Ops team, to run our Peanut-Free Spread. We are fine tuning our processes right now to hit the ideal settings on our machines to produce top-quality spread efficiently and consistently.

What a Typical Day at Work Looks Like For Me: I bike to work, check my emails, and then I’m usually on my feet for the rest of the day. Either I am running trials in our factory, or creating new variations of nut-free spread in our lab. I also host and participate in formal tastings for our products. I love seeing my coworkers continuously improve and perfect our recipes just as much as I enjoy doing so with my own.

My Favorite Part of Working at Voyage: The people! We have such a diverse team in terms of backgrounds and experiences. I have learned so much about the technical aspects of food engineering, cooking, sensory, and chemistry in my time here. Everyone also brings their whole selves to work so you really get to know everyone’s sense of humor, quirks, and personalities. Overall I feel challenged but safe and supported to be myself.

The Moment I Knew We Were on to Something Special: When I heard about our mission! We are truly creating delicious and sustainable products for EVERYONE. Our recipes have always been scalable and affordable. I came from a huge CPG company and always felt like start ups were missing the mark, creating uber premium products for only those with the time and resources to afford and prepare them.

Product(s) I’m Most Excited About: Our nut-free spread because it’s been my prime focus since joining the company. Also I have heard from countless acquaintances with peanut allergies how they cannot wait to try it and finally know what peanut butter tastes like.

My Most Controversial/Unique Food Opinion: Plain pizza is a perfect product. Any and all toppings other than sauce and cheese detract from it.

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