Future Food Trends Have More in Common Than Just Taste

At the beginning of each year, it seems that everyone from self-proclaimed foodies to culinary experts definitively rank the top, most buzz-worthy trends in the world of food. And there’s no shortage of such headlines.

Despite the fact that there are countless lists you could peruse, some with unique forecasts that push the envelope, what’s perhaps even more interesting are the underlying themes that tie them all together. Themes that in fact, aren’t all that new, are definitely not a fad, and are growing in prevalence with each passing year.

Trends Topping the List(s) in 2022

From top food (and general) media, here are some of the trends posed to dominate throughout the year:

  1. Ultra-Urban Farming

The list goes on, but you get the idea. And while these foods, drinks, and ways of consuming made the list this year, what they represent is in no way new. Even more so, despite being isolated as distinct trends, upon digging a bit deeper, it’s clear that they actually aren’t that different from one another. In recent years, these trends have increasingly signaled larger themes and movements.

More Than Just Flashy Headlines

Take trends such as eating local and reduced consumption of animal-based products, for example. While distinct and representing more than one objective, they both often hinge on a desire to eat in a way that is kinder to the planet. The same idea goes for trends like the growing adoption of seeds over nuts and the power of probiotics, both centered on improved human health.

So while the trends may shift from year to year, highlighting new and exciting ingredients, ways of eating, and more, they have continued to underscore our desire to eat with more than just taste in mind. Because, as we’ve noted on more than one occasion, simply checking off the taste box when it comes to new food just doesn’t cut it. We expect food and drink that can not only satisfy our tastebuds but also our will to do right by the planet, society as a whole, and our own bodies. And seeing so many of this year’s trends reflecting that certainly gives us hope.

Just looking at those that topped the list for 2022, we can already see significant overlap between what people are craving and what we’re creating. Our Peanut-Free Spread embodies the desire for seeds instead of nuts (and even more specifically sunflower seeds), our Cacao-Free Chocolate provides milk chocolate-y goodness without the use of dairy, and all of our future-proofed products center on bringing nostalgia into our everyday eating experiences.

But on a deeper level, the way these trends have in recent years come to symbolize our want and need for foods that can deliver out-of-this-world flavor AND have an impact beyond ourselves goes hand-in-hand with everything we do at Voyage. We’re dedicated to creating reimagined versions of our favorite foods without compromise, so we can enjoy them forever. Because even though trends may change from year to year, our hunger for the foods we love will always be there.

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