In 2022, Creating Allergen-Free Food Should Go Beyond Safety

Now that we’ve officially entered the New Year, we’re rolling up our sleeves, pouring ourselves some bean-free coffee, and getting to work! After all, there is a lot to be done within the world of food, particularly (and more specifically) within the allergen-free space. Now, we’ve talked more than just a little about what problems currently exist as it pertains to peanut-free alternative spreads, from the wannabe replicators of classics like Jif and Skippy to the unattainably-costly (non-peanut) nut- and seed-based offerings. So we won’t go on and on about that. Still, there’s more to be said about the true function and purpose of an allergen-free version of America’s favorite spread. Because while safety is undoubtedly top priority, it doesn’t end there. Or at least we think it shouldn’t.

Feeling Safe With What We Eat Should Be a Right, Not a Privilege

Eating is such a normal and often casual part of our day that most of us don’t really stop to think about it, at least not at every meal. Of course, many of us put thought into our diets and what we choose to eat and drink, but that’s often out of preference, not necessity. But for some, every meal, snack, and everything in between requires careful thought, planning, and due diligence to make sure that what they eat doesn’t cause bodily harm.

Now, we’re not saying that food allergy sufferers should throw caution to the wind. We know how important it is to ensure safety for members of the allergen-free community — which is why we’ve crafted a Top 9 Allergen-Free Peanut-Free Spread. And it’s no secret that even amidst solid efforts to evade any allergies, cross-contamination is still a major risk, with almost half of all peanut allergy sufferers having been accidentally exposed to peanuts at some point in their life.

But just because safety is a top concern for those making — and eating — allergen-free foods, that doesn’t mean that’s the stopping point. In reality, it’s just a foundation waiting to be built on. Because, like we said, those who aren’t faced with the struggles that come with food allergies regularly focus their attention on the flavor and experience of their food, not on whether it could make them sick, or worse. And we firmly believe that everyone should get to experience the positivity of food without worry, regardless of what they can or cannot eat.

Making Way For What’s Important: Truly Enjoying What We Eat

So instead of stopping at “good enough,” we’ve created a new version of the classic — yet often inaccessible — peanut butter we’ve grown up on. Because up until now, it seems most substitute spreads have gotten the same memo: create a nut-free alternative that is 100% safe-to-eat. No mention of delicious, nutty flavor. No attention given to smooth, creamy texture. And it’s no secret that being an alternative doesn’t exactly scream better than, or even as good as “the original.” It may be a perfectly adequate directive, but it surely leaves room for disappointment. That is, once you try our 1:1 nut-free replacement.

Food brings meaning to our lives. It nourishes us, connects us to others, and can give us immense joy and satisfaction. If all we can think about though is whether or not what we eat is safe for us, we might never get there. Even still, when the question of safety is answered, many other questions still remain unanswered and ignored. But we promise, you don’t have to sacrifice what you love about food to ensure it is safe. When it comes to our favorite foods, we’re not settling, and neither should you.

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