Our Goals (Not Resolutions) for 2022

As we pass through the final days of what to many of us has simultaneously felt like one of the fastest yet somehow surprisingly slow years of our lives, we thought we’d take a quick look back at where we’ve been but more importantly, where we’re heading in the coming year.

A Quick Recap of 2021

While this past year didn’t exactly look like the one before it, at least one important lesson stuck with us: adapting to a new future while holding what we love close is crucial, now more than ever. 

For us here at Voyage, that meant recognizing that what we choose to eat and more importantly, what we love to eat, isn’t guaranteed to be around forever. Threats and risks abound within our food system, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it.



In 2021, we set out to pave a new path within the world of food, one that honors what we love in a way that keeps it around for generations to come. As most of us know, charting new territory, especially when it comes to something as sacred as food, isn’t easy. And creating products like peanut butter without peanuts, chocolate without cacao, and coffee without coffee beans? Nothing short of mind-blowing. Nonetheless, we know that a world without these classics is one we don’t want to live in — and we’d bet an endless supply of PB&Js that you feel the same. So now that we’ve laid the groundwork for the creation of this new and exciting future of food (and drink), what’s next?

Hitting the Ground Running in 2022

Now, we know we’ve talked quite a bit about the not-so-pleasant fact that our food system is in some pretty serious turmoil. But for us, uncovering the problem is only a means to highlight the solution(s), to find a way through. And with a team made up of the best and brightest in the world of food and drink, creating deliciousness we can all enjoy, savor, and consume consciously is not only a possibility: it’s inevitable

That said, we’ve got quite the list of goals for the 12 months ahead of us. Goals — unlike resolutions — that were born out of a sense of excitement and desire to preserve what we love rather than rid our lives of what we don’t. A future of abundance and joy, if you will. 

A Peanut-Free Spread that Won’t Drive You Nuts

Between a lack of similarity in taste to traditional peanut butter and prices that aren’t exactly wallet-friendly, current alternative spreads often leave much to be desired (for more on this topic, head to our Open Letter to the Alternative Spreads Market). On the other hand, our peanut-free spread will deliver taste and texture reminiscent of the classic you grew up on — with none of the risk to those who suffer from food allergies.

More Conscious Chocolate and Coffee

Later on in the year, our other two initial offerings — cacao-free chocolate and bean-free coffee — will hit shelves and allow you to enjoy your favorite food and drink more sustainably. For more on how current chocolate and coffee production pose a variety of environmental and social threats, we encourage you to check out these articles from Well + Good and Food & Wine, respectively. 

A Harmonious Balance Between the Past and Future of Food

Tradition, nostalgia, and the like are all things associated with some of our most treasured foods — and for good reason. The power of positive memories is incredibly strong when it comes to what we eat. And just because we’re shaking things up in the world of food, we’re certainly not doing away with the past. From the food and drink we create to how we create it, the past is key in recreating classic flavors and textures in new ways. 

We may have a lot on our plate, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. So here’s to the new year and all the delicious food and drink it will bring. 

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