Our Partnership with Securing Safe Food

Some may say we have a pretty big mission here at Voyage. And they wouldn’t be wrong. From making delicious food that can be enjoyed by everyone, now and into the future, to preserving the flavors that make our favorite foods so special, our plate is pretty full. But underneath it all is our simple yet incredibly crucial commitment to making foods that aren’t just delicious, but accessible.

The world of food tech is full of high-dollar, exclusive products with grand visions of bettering our world — for those who can afford them. But what about everyone else? We know that for many, products with the promise of being better for people and the planet are simply out of reach, which is why we’ve taken our commitment to accessibility even further by partnering with Securing Safe Food through donations of our Peanut-Free Spread.

A non-profit dedicated to ensuring food security for all, Securing Safe Food provides allergen-friendly food to food pantries across the country, getting it into the hands of those who need it most. And with over 32 million Americans directly affected by food allergies, options like our Peanut-Free Spread that are both delicious and safe-to-eat are much needed.

For those that depend on local food pantries, it’s time for a spread that is not only safe to eat, but that they actually want to eat. Being able to fully enjoy the foods we love shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for those who can afford it: it is a right meant to be shared by everyone. With our Peanut-Free Spread, the millions of people who suffer from food allergies can enjoy the smooth, creamy goodness of peanut butter, without any of the harm.

We know that for so many, the opportunity to access and enjoy foods that taste good and are good for us is not always easy. We firmly believe that there should be no barrier to enjoying our favorite foods, and by working with Securing Safe Food, we’re doing our part to ensure that holds true — for everyone. We also know that access to allergen-friendly foods among low-income individuals and families is limited. By providing donations of our Peanut-Free Spread to food pantries across the country, we’re ensuring that it gets in the hands of those who need it most.

We’re proud to know that our first donation of Peanut-Free Spread made its way to the Laguna Food Pantry in Southern California, where it’s the first top 9 allergen-free spread of its kind to be offered. Stay tuned as we continue to support the amazing work of Securing Safe Food and its partner food pantries.

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