Peanut-Free Spread Available Nationwide at Sprouts

Over the past year and a half, our team of incredibly talented food scientists and CPG experts have been crafting the perfect Peanut-Free Spread — creamy texture, rich flavor and most importantly, completely nut-free. All of us at Voyage Foods have put our everything into making a spread that tastes just as good as traditional peanut butter, only without the nuts, and at a price we could all feel good about.

Building on our mission of providing delicious, accessible food to everyone, we’re excited to announce that our Peanut-Free Spread is now available at Sprout’s Farmers Markets nationwide! Here are the specifics:

  • Voyage Foods Peanut-Free Spread is available at over 350 Sprouts Farmers market locations across the country.
  • Shoppers can purchase a 16oz jar for only $3.99.
  • Voyage is launching with Sprouts as part of their Forager Program — with placement in the “new items” section.

Why We Partnered with Sprouts For Our Retail Rollout

As a mission-driven food company with innovative technology at its core, it was key for us to partner with a retailer that values and puts first both innovation and accessibility in the products they showcase. And with that criteria? Sprouts was an easy choice. “Sprouts has built their business around being first-to-market on the most important trends in the innovative food space, so for them to find Voyage Foods to be an important part of their mission says a lot about what we are doing — and why,” says Jeff Miller, Voyage’s Sr. Sales Manager.

Bringing our Peanut-Free Spread to shoppers nationwide is about more than just providing a delicious spread, but one that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. Taking a peek down the nut butter and spreads aisle, you’ll find an assortment of alternatives, but they are just that — alternatives.

Whether it’s on taste, price or both, the current lineup of better-for-you replacements to traditional peanut butter more often than not come with compromise. But not our Peanut-Free Spread. Available for just $3.99 and packed with deliciously creamy flavor without the nuts, our top 9 allergen-free roasted seed spread is a much needed addition to your grocery cart.

Looking Ahead

As we head into the holiday season, we’re thrilled that our Peanut-Free Spread is available nationwide for shoppers to stock up on and use in their favorite recipes. Our launch at Sprouts not only allows us to bring our delicious nut-free spread to consumers, but to drive awareness of our brand as a whole.

“As we continue to increase our distribution and retail footprint, we’re continuing to tell the story of how our products support, honor and uphold the traditions we have around what and how we eat — especially when those traditions are threatened by external forces,” says CEO & Founder Adam Maxwell. “We’re excited to work with retailers nationwide and introduce our Peanut-Free Spread to the masses.”

So, head to your local Sprouts store, grab a jar of our Peanut-Free Spread and enjoy the creamy goodness — in your favorite recipes, for a quick snack or simply straight from the jar.

Looking for your nearest Sprouts Farmers Market to pick up some Peanut-Free Spread? Find your local store here.

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