Reflections on Our Voyage

Last week, we announced the closing of our $36M Series A round and ––perhaps more importantly –– how this funding will help us take our mission to even greater heights. 

As we celebrate this major milestone (yes, we all deserve a hard-earned pat on the back every now and then) and head even closer to the launch of our Peanut-Free Spread next month, we have a lot to be excited about –– and even more to reflect on. So, in true Voyage fashion, we’d like to take a moment to look back on the past to launch us even further into the future. Let’s go!

Humble Beginnings

While we may be playing in the big leagues of food tech now, we’re still rooted in our founding principles of creating delicious and sustainable food with authenticity, transparency, and curiosity. What started out as a side project among a small team of food scientists has become what we see as the future of what and how we eat. 

“I wanted to be part of a team where we all believe that there are foods with an uncertain future — whether with food allergies, climate change, humanitarian issues or other major problems we face — that we are able to future-proof so we can enjoy them forever.”

We may have grand visions for what this future of food can and will look like, but our heads are anything but up in the clouds. The team at Voyage, from our scientists driving product development and advancement to our sales and marketing teams working to bring our future-proofed products to you, is dedicated to building that future, day in and day out. 

We started out as a small team of curiosity-driven food scientists looking to make a real, tangible impact in the food industry, and as we’ve grown to a team of 20+ spanning multiple departments and functions, those values continue to guide us. “I wanted to be part of a team where we all believe that there are foods with an uncertain future –– whether with food allergies, climate change, humanitarian issues or other major problems we face –– that we are able to future-proof so we can enjoy them forever,” says Quality Systems Specialist Jessica Mazariego.

Not Your Typical Food Tech Company

By this point, we’ve made it pretty darn clear that we’re not like other food tech companies or products in the space. Yes, our team of highly knowledgable food scientists utilize core technology to innovate on classic foods. But our technology doesn’t take us away from the nostalgic and emotional connections we have to what we eat. It brings us closer.

And our unique approach within the industry extends beyond the foods we craft –– it also applies to how we function as a team. Even though many of us come from different backgrounds, we’re all deeply connected by our mission to fundamentally shift perceptions around what we eat. And as Senior Food Scientist Brandon Head notes, it’s that passion that allows the team to continue innovating, even when challenges crop up. “I really enjoy the atmosphere and the freedom of working alongside such a wonderful team. It’s one thing to work with people who are able to inspire you to reach new heights, but it’s just as important to work with a team that also encourages you to keep going. It feels a lot less lonely than other lab environments.”

That mentality translates to our time outside the office, too. We share in our victories together –– big or small –– and as a team so passionate about good food, we often come together around it. From team lunches prepared by our amazing Applications Chef Joe Norton to company celebrations featuring extravagant entrees cooked up by our CEO Adam Maxwell, we all get involved in sharing our love of food on a regular basis. Creating and maintaining such an open and collaborative culture has allowed us to thrive as a team, whether we’re crafting food for consumers or coming around the table as group of passionate foodies.

A Future for Everyone

Now that we’ve reflected on where we’ve been, we’re optimistically setting our sights on the future of food we aim to create. With all of the support we’ve received, we’re excited to continue scaling up, so we can bring our future-proofed foods to everyone. And when we say everyone, we really mean it. 

Unlike many of the up-and-coming players in the world of sustainably-produced food, our products are anything but niche. They don’t exist at an unattainable price point and they aren’t an acquired taste. “We are truly creating delicious and sustainable products for EVERYONE. Our recipes have always been scalable and affordable,” notes Senior Food Scientist Meaghan Sugrue. “I came from a huge CPG company and always felt like start ups were missing the mark, creating uber premium products for only those with the time and resources to afford and prepare them.”

We can’t wait to bring our creations to you in many forms, from jars of Peanut-Free Spread hitting shelves next month to ingredient partnerships with some of your favorite brands in the coming year. We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped take Voyage Foods to this monumental stage and those who have been with us from the beginning. Stay tuned for a busy year ahead  —  we’re just getting started!

Read more about our Series A funding round in this Food Dive feature.

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