The (Im)Perfect Partnership

As our Peanut-Free Spread starts to become readily available, getting it in the hands of consumers is undeniably the most critical part of its launch. But perhaps just as important? Where consumers can find it. As they rest on our core values of accessibility and sustainability, it’s important for our products to show up in places that hold those same values, which is why we’re excited to announce that our Peanut-Free Spread is available nationwide at Imperfect Foods! Whether you’re a long time Imperfect customer or are eager to learn more about what their boxes entail (like our delicious spread), keep on reading. 

A Partnership Worth Celebrating 🎉

When it comes down to it, Imperfect is all about putting the spotlight on food products that are a little bit different, but delicious nonetheless. And with a mission like that, how could we not partner up? Just like the products that Imperfect both curates and creates, our Peanut-Free Spread isn’t quite like the rest — it’s got the taste and texture of traditional peanut butter, but without any peanuts! 



Not only that, but foods featured in their boxes bring even more than great taste and quality ingredients to the table, they all contribute to a more sustainably-minded, accessible, and affordable food system. And that’s where our spread really shines. We’re putting life back into the overly saturated yet vastly unoriginal spreads category by bringing amazing taste into the fold and leaving high prices at the door. Case in point? You can add a jar of our spread to your Imperfect order for $4.49. 

So many up-and-coming food products and innovations go all in to deliver on one core value, be it sustainability, undeniably exceptional flavor, or low cost to consumers. But just like Imperfect balances its efforts to promote all of these areas of its mission, it supports products like our spread that can deliver on all of those values — without compromise. 

Our Recs for the Perfectly Peanut-Free Box 

At this point, you’re probably ready to hit the order button and (somewhat impatiently) wait for that pink box to arrive on your doorstep. But before you do, we thought we’d share some recs for items to add to your order, items that pair perfectly with our spread and are delicious in their own right.

  1. Voyage Foods Peanut-Free Spread
    Need we say more? The only question now is how many jars you’ll be adding to your box.
  2. Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves
    Name a more iconic duo than peanut butter and jelly (or Peanut-Free Spread and Strawberry Preserves in this case). 
  3. FitJoy Grain Free Pretzel Sticks
    Think the perfect snack doesn’t exist? Try our Peanut-Free Spread with some gluten-free pretzels and you’ll be singing a different tune. 

Of course, Imperfect is also known for its abundance of misshapen and quirky produce which make a great addition to your subscription, too. All that’s left to do? Place an order for your first box — or for those seasoned Imperfect shoppers, add our Peanut-Free Spread to your recurring box. And once your first box with our spread arrives? Snap a photo, write a review, or let us know what you think. Bonus: make a recipe or dish using our spread and other items in your box and share it with us — we can’t wait to see what deliciously imperfect things you whip up!

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