The Ultimate Love Language? Food.

Some cherish February 14th. Others can’t wait for the clock to strike midnight on the arbitrary day of love. Regardless of your stance on Valentine’s Day, we’d bet a box of (cacao-free) chocolates that enjoying some of your favorite food would surely brighten your day. Maybe your partner surprises you with a home cooked meal as you get home from work. Or maybe you indulge in a sweet treat featuring Voyage’s Cacao-Free Chocolate or Peanut-Free Spread (or both!). Either way, some delicious food and drink is likely the way to win over that special someone’s heart (and stomach) this time of year.

A (Not So New) Love Language

Most of us are familiar with the five love languages we can (and often do) identify with. Some of us crave words of affirmation while others take comfort in gifts. But one love language we feel is quite possibly stronger and more powerful than the those already established? Food, of course!

Think about it. Not only is food an integral part of our day to day lives, it’s one of the main ways we can show someone how much we care. If you’ve ever taken the time to cook a special meal for someone, you know how meaningful it can be. Food is one of the most personal things there is, from what we choose to eat to whom we choose to eat with. So when we think about the ways in which we can and do show love, food isn’t just a part of that list. It ranks at the top.


In reality, our love of all things food even weaves itself into the already established love languages. Take quality time to start. One of the simplest and most common ways we connect and bond with our loved ones? When we sit down together for a meal! Then there is gift giving. When it comes to gifts, food just might be the best there is. Even though it’s material, taking time to enjoy it is an experience in of itself, and it’s no secret that experiences often make for the best gifts.

The fact that food hasn’t made the list of well-known love languages in 2022 is somewhat mind-boggling, but we get it. Food is something we interact with on a daily basis, so much so that we often get sucked into thinking of eating as somewhat of a mundane activity. But like in any great relationship, taking the routine and spicing it up is key!

Go Nuts (Free) This Valentine’s Day

Now that we’ve established that food may very well be the ultimate love language and a surefire way to win over hearts this Valentine’s Day, what are the best ways to show you care? Here’s some of the ways we would set the mood.

  • Breakfast in bed featuring a cup of bean-free coffee and warm toast slathered in peanut-free spread.

We might not be relationship experts, but when it comes to food, we’re at the top of our game. So take our advice and make their favorite food and drink the star of the show this Valentine’s Day. We guarantee it’ll be one to remember.

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