Voyage Foods Debuts Plant-Based Hazelnut-Free Spread this August

OAKLAND, CA (July 2023) – In recent years, it’s become increasingly challenging to enjoy our favorite foods, many of which pose threats to both people and the planet. From a classic PB&J sandwich to your morning cup of coffee, the food and drinks we know and love are in need of an upgrade. Using the latest in food technology to reimagine and protect these classic flavors, Voyage Foods is thrilled to introduce its new Hazelnut-Free Spread, a plant-based, nut-free, and cocoa-free swap for traditional hazelnut cocoa spreads. Arriving just in time for the 2023 school year, the Hazelnut-Free Spread promises all the rich flavor and creaminess of Nutella® and invites the over eighty-five million Americans who avoid the top nine allergens to enjoy the beloved spread safely and affordably.

The Bay Area-based company has harnessed the power of its proprietary food tech to recreate the iconic hazelnut cocoa spread flavor and texture – without nuts, cocoa, or dairy. The result is a well-crafted spread that is rich, smooth and utterly delicious. Based on the popularity of their original Peanut-Free Spread now found at grocery stores and online retailers across the country, Voyage Foods’ Hazelnut-Free Spread offers a sweet indulgence that everyone can enjoy.

From morning toast to packed lunches and after-school snacks, the Hazelnut-Free Spread is the perfect addition to all your favorite sweet recipes. The nut-free spread is a guaranteed safe and reliable option for anyone who has food allergies, attends a nut-free school or is simply looking for a delicious treat, while packing all the rich flavor and creamy texture of a classic hazelnut cocoa spread. 

Made without hazelnuts, or any of the top nine food allergens, and made entirely from natural, plant-based ingredients, the Hazelnut-Free Spread is Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and gluten-free for a sweet treat you can feel good about. Using their Cocoa-Free Chocolate, Voyage Foods’ spread bypasses the chocolate industry’s supply chain disruptions long associated with the climate crises and inhumane labor practices.

“While many plant-based alternatives struggle to keep costs low and production high, our upcycled ingredients allow us fast and unlimited scalability so we can deliver a more cost-effective product without compromising on the classic flavor consumers expect,” says Adam Maxwell, CEO of Voyage Foods. “We are not making the next $12 alternative to Nutella®. We are making a delicious, affordable, and accessible spread for everyone to enjoy.” 

With a commitment to accessibility and a belief that alternatives to our favorite foods shouldn’t cost more than their traditional counterparts, the 13-ounce jar of Hazelnut-Free Spread is priced at $5.99 on Amazon—a price point far less than competing brands – and will be available at over 1,200 Walmart stores beginning in October of this year. As a leader in providing affordable products to consumers without sacrificing quality, Voyage Foods is excited to partner with the retail giant to bring its spread to shelves nationwide. Voyage Foods manages its lower price point by using upcycled, scalable ingredients that are readily available including grape seeds, sunflower seeds, and chickpeas. With their unique approach to food development combined with their willingness to source cost-effective ingredients, Voyage Foods finds efficiencies in every step of the development process—offering an accessible, ethical, and delicious alternative to the millions of Americans looking for a better spread. 

Voyage Foods’ Hazelnut-Free Spread will debut nationally on August 1st, 2023. To learn more about Voyage Foods and their new Hazelnut-Free Spread, please visit their website, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

ABOUT VOYAGE FOODS Founded in 2021 by Adam Maxwell and Kelsey Tenney, a duo with extensive food science backgrounds and a shared passion for good food, Voyage Foods was born out of a deep hunger to harness the power of technology to secure the future of our favorite foods. Using a team of scientists and real, wholesome ingredients, Voyage Foods is working to preserve an archive of flavor and avoid global environmental and humanitarian issues that exist within the food system. Their team is able to recreate the classics without exploiting their source ingredients, making them even better for people and the planet. A unique food manufacturer that uses science to not only create accessible and sustainable food alternatives that taste like their traditional counterparts, Voyage Foods solves the future of our favorite foods. Their current lineup includes their retail-available Peanut-Free Spread and Hazelnut-Free Spread, as well as their Cocoa-Free Chocolate and Bean-Free Coffee, products available as ingredients for other CPG food manufactures and within foodservice channels respectively. 


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